You stare into space
As if you were someone different
Where is the blaze
Where's the former joyful face of
Your old days
Your disappearing merry ways
When you held my hands and gave me faith again

Fading away
Ignoring our holy fable
Leaving a trace
Searching only useless grace
And die away
Though we started far away
You made me yours and I accepted
You’ve held my fears at bay

What's left for me from your device?
What should I do without your advice?
You simply smile, but inside you cry
Concealing all that's worth a try
Don't let those words begin to dry

Leaving this town
History is far behind us
Don’t let me down
I built my world upon your vow
Be true to it
Don't think you can make me quit
All I need is you to love me bit by bit

The mountain is high
We might be winded by the steep climb
The end is nigh
You lift me up to hit the blue sky
You’d hold me near not letting go all the way
You'd make me yours and I'd accept it
You’d hold my fears at bay

Let's leave today, let's leave today
Before the dusk just fades away
Hold me now, come hold me now
It is our dream, we cannot bow
The stars light up the road tonight

We know the way, we’ve made a date
We shouldn't wait, should not be late
Time passes by, it moves so fast
In less than a second we depart
So seize the day, forget the past

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